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We are located "exactly in front at Itauna surf spot",  here you will not have a problem to surf , looking

for the best moment of the the day to go.

Besides our good location, we offer complete services for surfers that come to surf here:  For begginers

we offer surf lessons (experient teachers - ISA method) ; Boards to rent,  and many informations about

the surf here.

                         THE SURF SPOT

ITAŚNA: Rights at 3-6“at about 7-12“the lefts open long classic rides . Just perfect with E swells, makes the best waves in town. A rock shelf starts near shore next to back door and extends to sea at on angle to the beach, making a fairly safe paddling channel. On big days the end of the channel closes out. ( "Surfer Magazine")




South America, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Norte


wave quality World class
experience Experienced surfers
frequency Very consistent (150 day/year)




            Itauna lefts


Wagner Pupo                            Pedro Henrique





                            "Marquinhos" - geting the  "bomb"  em Itauna- Junho de 2007




                                                                       Other points : Vila and Barrinha  

                                             WORLD CONTEST TOUR (WCT) SAQUAREMA




                                                    SURF SEASON:



 It happens between may-oct (winter and autumn) Big swells arrive in Saquarema, breaking on a perfect sand bottom. Bring your 7“board  



                Itauna Inn / Saquarema Surfing School


          Want to learn to surf, work on your technique or just looking for a guide to some of the best surf spots in Saquarema?
The Itauna Inn / Saquarema Surf School is what your looking for.

If you want to learn to surf, attend one of our surf clinics and we will help you gain expert
instruction, this is where you'll learn how to rip, improve and have more fun.

Our expert instructors will guide you to smaller, safer, surfing waves.  You will learn
everything you have always wanted to know about surfing from.






"Thank you so much for hanging out with us and teaching us how to surf!!! I had the best experience while I was out there. I definitely have to go back some day!"

 Andy & Carol ( EUA)


                                              If you will stay in  Rio City before you come to Saquarema:

  We work in partnership with guides and others hotels/hostels in Rio de Janeiro city 




If you will spend some days in Rio City before Saquarema, we can take you to know the best surfspots of that coast .   In partnership with local surfguides using  swell preview,  we  develop Surftrips to take you  to the best surfspots of the day.

Beside we can recommend places to stay close of the best spots in Rio city .

After some days in a Big City you can to come to Saquarema city,  still a safe peacefull village.

Here you will find Itauna: cool and casual atmosphere, where you pass the days surfing and relaxing in the local sand.

Make contact , we can help you to enjoy here!