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 Itauna Beach, beautiful with white and soft sand, rock islands close to the beach with

 natural swimming pools.With all of this and a wonderful sunset it makes a fabulous picture !       

    Itauna beach, considered one of the best surf spot of Brasil,  where happens many International surf contest. 

It has a beautifull natural environment.   


 Saquarema offers some really good attractions as well as the wonderful natural environment, you can visit N.S.Nazareth church, built by the Portugueses in 1630, made with whale oil. On the hill where the church is located you can see lovely views of the city.




 In the end of Itauna beach you will find

Church of N.S.NAZARETH:

Built in 1630

  The church  is building on the hill into the ocean .





   Beatifull beach with islands of rock and nice sunset.














In the season of flat waves, we can make some tour in the islands of rock, and enjoy yours suimming pools.


  Surrounded by hills, lakes and the atlantic ocean,

this beach has nice atractions.


           Itauna beach usted to receive young peoples from Rio de Janeiro that come to here to make water sports like Kitewave, Sup and Surf 

                 Our Location in Itauna beach              

              Lessons of Surf  & Stand Up Paddle 



The quality of the waves bring to here events with the atlethics elite of surf international ...


                                        The ASP surf professional contest 2013





Itauna has a good structure of restaurants specialized in Sea Food


                        After 3km of Itauna beach we meet Jacarepia reserv and kilometer of desert beches and  reach fauna e flora



Perfect to make tour by bike or horsebackriding