Itauna beach
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    SAQUAREMA , it has a beautifull natural environment.
      Surrounded by hills, lakes and the atlantic ocean, this city has nice atractions.

  Desert beaches, birds like owl, falcons and different monkeys belong to the life of this city.

  Beside all that nature Saquarema offer nice atractions, like the church of Saint of Nazareth building in 1630 for Europeans .


In the lake of Saquarema, we can find the fisherman with their nets and primitive canoos.

The art of fishing is just like the old times.


                   Gastronomy -

 Sea food ( Fresh local fish / srimps / squiid / crabs ) You will find at nice restaurants here.


 You can find other kind of food like a barbecue, pasta and Japanese food.
  The quality of the waves of Itauna beach bring to here some international surf contest like ASP Prime every year.


Nesta surf city todos vem mostrar seus talentos !!


  In Itauna beach there is professional fishing movement and peoples that come here just for fun too.

In the end of itauna we meet Jacarepia reserve. Where you can spend houra day  just walking in desert beaches.

Or looking for short monkeys and diferent birds into the forest. 


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